Referee banned after controversial decisions in African Cup
Among the contentious issues during the Burkina Faso-Ghana semifinal was the red card given to Burkina's Jonathan Pitroipa that could mean he will miss the final.
Next-gen Xbox to block used games and requires constant Internet connection
  A lot of information is making rounds on the internet regarding the next generation Xbox, popularly known as the Xbox 720. Sources that have had some hands on time with the next-gen Xbox suggest that the system will still support a physical form factor for games – discs. It was earlier rumoured that the system would be digital download only. The next-gen Xbox is expected to support 50GB Blu-ray discs. Yes, it seems that Microsoft has accepted defeat in the HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray wa...
Alchemy API Raises $2 Million For Neural Net Analysis Tech, On Par With IBM Watson, Google
Alchemy API has raised $2 million to extend the capabilities of its deep learning technology that applies artificial intelligence to read and understand web pages, text documents, emails, tweets, and other forms of content. Access Venture Partners lead the Series A round, which the company will use to ramp up its sales and marketing, make hires and launch new services. Founder and CEO Elliot Turner calls Alchemy a bottom to top semantic analysis stack. Its natural language processing technology ...
Search Graph who? Twitter now displaying tweets older than one week in search results
Starting today Twitter's search results will display tweets older than one week, and rounds out the features needed for a full-fledged search engine. As the microblogging platform continues to iterate, it's clear that social search is just within its reach.
Users more likely to fall victim to cyber crime on search engines, social media
Presenting a rather unseen side to cyber crime, Cisco's annual security report states that users are more likely to become victims of cyber crime through search engines, online ads and social networking websites than through pornographic or......
Adobe rolls out security updates for Flash player
Adobe has rolled out its latest security updates for Flash Player that are said to concern issues resulting in possible crashes and leave the computer vulnerable to attackers. The update is for Windows, OS X, Linux, and Android, with the company recommending that all users update Flash as soon as possible. This is the latest move in addressing growing concerns with exploits and vulnerabilities that have been cropping up. The security updates are for Flash Player version 11.5.502.146 and earlie...
English Premier League clubs agree new spending controls
However, there are those who argue that for previously middling clubs to challenge giants such as Manchester United, there is no other way than by a massive cash injection and that the new rules could simply entrench the existing order, making for a less exciting league.
EPL: New rules could see points docked for financial losses
The Premier League, the richest in the world by revenues, is seeking to promote financial stability without preventing rich owners from investing in their clubs to take them to the top.
Facebook has deleted all traces of faces in the EU
Facebook has honoured its vow to delete all data from its massively unpopular facial recognition experiment in the EU, regulators have confirmed.Data protection bodies in Germany and Ireland have studied Facebook's source code and are happy that the social network has deleted any information it may have gleaned while the feature was live.The tech, which guessed who appeared in photos so users could tag their friends more easily, caused a privacy storm in Europe and Facebook soon agreed to remove...
Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo Moved Into The Top 5 Global Smartphone Vendors In Q4, Says Canalys
Canalys just published its final mobile phone shipment estimates, which show that although Samsung is still on top of the global smart phone market, three Chinese manufacturers-Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo-all climbed into the top five for the first time, thanks to domestic success as well as sales in overseas markets. Huawei took third place, which isn’t a surprise if you recollect IDC’s Q4 report on the global mobile phone market, which revealed last month that it sprang up into the top-...
CIA nominee pressed on U.S. drone policy, waterboarding
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - John Brennan, President Barack Obama's nominee for CIA director, said on Thursday he did not try to stop waterboarding, an interrogation technique that some consider torture, as he faced tough congressional questioning on that issue, security leaks and the use of drones to kill U.S. terrorism suspects. ...
Researchers create robots controlled by moths using a styrofoam ball
Simultaneously creating something awesome and setting up a real-world scenario for a future B-rated horror movie, researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a robot that is controlled by moths using styrofoam balls. You can check out a brief video of the moth-become-machine wonder after the break. Over the course of the project, 14 silkmoth males were used in the robots, all of which demonstrated an uncanny ability to control the machine. The moths were placed in an area with a fem...
California boy to be arraigned in "swatting" prank on actor Kutcher
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Prosecutors charged a 12-year-old boy on Thursday with making a false emergency call that sent police swarming to the home of actor Ashton Kutcher in a "swatting" prank. ...
United States insurance firm sues Lance Armstrong over bonus money
Armstrong was banned for life when the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) found overwhelming evidence that he was at the heart of a sophisticated doping scheme when his US Postal Service team dominated the Tour de France.
Lance Armstrong sued for $12 mn over Tour de France bonus
Sports insurance company SCA Promotions Inc filed a lawsuit against drug-cheat Lance Armstrong in a Texas state court on Thursday, demanding the disgraced American cyclist repay $12 million in bonuses and fees it paid him for winning the Tour de France.
Amazon To Set Up Secondhand Ebook Marketplace
Amazon wants to sell your used ebooks. It recently won a patent to allow people to hock off their read ebooks on its marketplace. Of course, ebooks don’t suffer from wear and tear, but think of the resale process as more of a way to transfer your book licences. This is already in action in a way—users can currently “lend” out Kindle books, which then disappear from your device as your friend holds the copy in their digital libraries. Another service called ReDigi also exists, launched about a ye...
How Ubisoft rebuilt Splinter Cell from the ground up with Blacklist
Can the same game ever appease both stealth fans and mainstream action fans? Ubisoft Toronto was left with the difficult task of pulling it off as the fresh-faced developers for Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
13 Motorola patents against Microsoft invalidated
In what is a large blow to Google, a federal judge has invalidated 13 Motorola patent claims against Microsoft in what has been an on-going legal spat between the two companies. The claims concern a total of three patents that deal with a video codec standard, with Microsoft having had requested their invalidation based on a patent law, something the court ultimately agreed with. The decision was laid down by Judge James L. Robart, the presiding federal judge over the case. The patents in ques...
For A Brief, Terrible Moment, Facebook Connect Broke A Bunch Of Websites, But It Says We Can All Breathe Easy Now
Well, that’s embarrassing. Earlier this afternoon, as covered by AllThingsD and a number of sites, a Facebook Connect glitch caused serious problems on websites including the Huffington Post, Salon,, CNN, Yelp, and others. Apparently, if you were logged into Facebook, when you visited one of those sites, you’d get redirected to, where you’d then get an error message. Users could resolve the issue by logging out. The problem was fixed pretty quickly, and a...
The Wadia Intuition 01 PowerDAC dresses your iPod up in an Armani suit of sound
If the ultimate one-box sound solution appeals to you, check out the Intuition 01 PowerDAC from Wadia Digital which offers Italian styling and the best of American high-end audio.