Selena Gomez -- Your Boyfriend Is a D-Bag ... Is That a Bieber SLAM???
Selena Gomez might be a little bitter about her break-up with Justin Bieber ... because SG and her hot friends posted a video of them shaking their asses to the song "Everybody Knows (Your Boyfriend is a Douchebag)." In the video -- posted on…
Bang With Friends Meme Makes An Appearance At SXXXSW
The one night stand is proof that human beings, despite our fancy computational glasses and smart fridges and our affinity for “higher learning,” are still animals. And where else to live like an animal but the Wild Wild West of Austin, TX, host to yet another very sexy SXSW conference? Luckily for SXSW attendees, Bang With Friends is bringing a new product to SXSW, called (you guessed it) Bang With SXSW. A quick trip to lands you back at BWF, and after c...
Break out your calculator, because to win at online dating, you’ve got to do your math
She wanted a husband, so she took to online dating. But to find the lover of her dreams, it would take more than just JDate to churn out random men; author Amy Webb saw the experience was one big data that she needed to conquer.
How to Force Sync App Licenses on Windows 8
Have you ever bought an app from the Store only to have Windows tell you that you haven’t purchased the app when you check on another device? ...
Justin Timberlake -- SLAMS Kanye West During 'SNL'
Justin Timberlake doesn't just sit around and let rappers DISS his music -- which he proved on "SNL" Saturday -- when he took a HUGE SHOT at Kanye West during his performance of "Suit and Tie." It was hard to catch, but during JT's live…
Makerbot's Bre Pettis And OK Go's Damian Kulash On The Addictive ‘Rush' Of Making Stuff That Works [Video]
One of the reasons that coming to South By Southwest Interactive continues to be worthwhile despite all its flaws is that it still attracts some of the most intelligent and fascinating people to the same place at the same time. Getting to bump into brilliant people leads to some wonderful conversations, and often gives just the boost you need to go back to ‘regular life’ with a fresh pair of eyes. Yesterday morning was one of those times for me, as I had the opportunity to have brun...
Brett Lee visits Taj Mahal
The current Australia captain Michael Clarke also recently visited the Taj with his wife before the start of the third Test against India in Mohali from March 14.
Pirate Bay ‘Advert’ Appears on Hacked Billboard
The Pirate Bay is known for its technical ‘playfulness’, as was demonstrated earlier this week with a hack which led many to believe that the site had moved to the dictatorial waters of North Korea. In the same tradition some computer science students took over a prominently placed billboard at the Republic Square in the center of Belgrade, Serbia. Dressed in an appropriate “Keep Calm and Seed” shirt, one of the guys used his smartphone to play a game of Space Invaders o...
CrunchWeek From A Pedicab - Because Why Not, It's SXSW [TCTV]
Howdy! Welcome to another episode of CrunchWeek, the weekly show where a few of us writers get together and chew the fat on a few of the biggest and most interesting stories from the past week. As you are probably aware (and possibly annoyed about), the South By Southwest conference in Austin, Texas is in full swing at the moment. Our usual CrunchWeek hostess Leena Rao is holding down the TechCrunch fort in San Francisco this year, so John Biggs and Ryan Lawler joined me for this very unique ep...
Cardinals pray before conclave to choose new pope
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Roman Catholic Cardinals prayed on Sunday for spiritual guidance ahead of a closed door conclave to choose a new pope to lead the Church at one of the most difficult periods... ...
Happy Birthday, Carrie Underwood: Celebrate Carrie’s 30th With Her Leggiest Pics Ever
It’s Carrie Underwood‘s 30th Birthday today. And while the country star is usually catching our attention with her vocal chops or crazy projection gown — there’s one part of Carrie that doesn’t get the props it so very much deserves: her legs. (Okay, so maybe that’s two parts.) So in honor of her “Dirty Thirty” we thought it was only appropriate to toast to all the times the Blown Away siren showed off her gorgeous gams. Enjoy the 15 Leggiest photos of t...
GitHub Hit With Another DDoS Attack, Second In Two Days, And “Major Service Outage”
Services on code-sharing site GitHub have been interrupted for over an hour in what started as a “major service outage” because of a “brief DDoS attack.” This is the second DDoS attack in as many days and at least the third in the last several months: Yesterday, GitHub also reported a DDoS incident. And in October 2012, the service also went down due to malicious hackers. Today, the distributed denial of service incident has affected the site for at least an hour, startin...
1st Test Day 3: Record-setting Ashraful, Rahim boost Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka
Ashraful hit an unbeaten 189 not out, the highest by a Bangladeshi in Tests, on his comeback and Rahim made a career-best 152 not out.
French Ligue 1: Ibrahimovic brace helps PSG to 2-1 win over Nancy
Former England captain David Beckham came on in the second half as PSG coach Carlo Ancelotti protected a late 2-1 lead on what was an unexpectedly hard afternoon's work on a sun kissed day in Paris.
Securely Access Online Banking and Email on Untrusted Computers
Entering your online-banking or email passwords on an untrusted computer – particularly one in a public place – is risky. If you had a USB drive with Linux installed on it, you could log into your accounts without fear. Some bank and government officials have even recommended using a live Linux environment to do all your online banking, even on computers you may trust. Linux is immune to Windows malware. ...
Asian Tour stars set to battle European rivals at Avantha Masters
Colin Montgomerie, the most prolific British winner in European Tour history, will make his first appearance at the Avantha Masters.
NADA unlikely to conduct dope test on Vijender Singh
Under the World Anti-Doping Agency Code, the NADA cannot conduct out-of-competition testing to detect consumption of heroin.
Irfan Pathan vows to make Test comeback
Pathan wants to take more responsibility as a cricketer in all levels of the game, in batting as well as bowling.
The Celebrity Cricket League and its struggle for relevance
Having copied the Indian Premier League's formula of creating a cocktail of cricket and entertainment, many in the CCL wonder if it has only been a poor version of the IPL, after three years.
Week in Geek: Electronic Arts Botches SimCity Launch, Gamers Up in Arms
Our latest edition of WIG is filled with news link coverage on topics such as new malware is posing as a security warning from the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit, Google is redirecting Picasa Web Albums users to Google+ Photos, Java’s new malware protection comes undone due to old-school attack, and more. Image courtesy of SimCity at Twitter. ...